Label Submission Guidelines


Barcodes must run Horizontally due to distortion factors. Barcodes should be 90% minimum and backed with white, .0015” bar width reduction.



Minimum trap preferred is .010” (contact us for difficult trapping designs). Preferred spreads are .007”.



Reverse copy should come out of solid line only, no process. If reversing out of a tint, be careful not to go below 50% of the color. Reversing out of light colors is not recommended. If you must reverse out of process, it should be no more than 2 colors and keylined with a 1pt stroke showing or one color will need to be held back, creating a key line effect.



Smallest type for reverse copy is 5.5 pt bold and 4.5 pt for positive type.



Copy in process areas must be keylined to avoid registration issues with a line color. Keylines must be 1 pt rule. Net wt lines are preferred to over print.



We can provide ink prints on the correct material with the correct number of whites prior to production. For line colors, a PMS color should be called out on the artwork. CMYK builds to a PMS color do not always match. PMS should be used for logos, background vignettes, type, UPCs, etc. Process builds of these elements are subject to shift during production as well as becomes a registration issue. All designs can and should be discussed prior to production.



133 Line screen for water-based inks. 175 Line screen for UV inks. Inks method is determined by R&D.



If art contains 4C or 3C CTs, a Kodak proof must be provided press side for color match to target density and dot gain (provided by separator). We can hold a 2% dot on digital plates and a 3% dot on conventional film.



A signed Kodak (or equivalent) must be at press side for color match and copy, if copy has changed after the Color Proof has been approved, a PDF will be attached to the Kodak for press side copy match. If printer has not prepared files, outside vendor must supply color target and copy target prior to press so a pushed proof can be made for press side color match.

Please Remember: Artwork will be submitted via FTP site. Provide a contact name and phone number if any questions arise. All shrink sleeves are measured in millimeters.