From our People to our Process, we are built for Craft


Who is Phil?

Phil is, like many of us, a home brewer that got started in college and lived the dream upon graduation by working a full-time gig in a small brewery.  Phil worked relentlessly in packaging, and distributing, and became a certified beer judge.  Phil likes to tinker, fascinated by boilers and pumps, and is known to weld a bit here and retrofit a bit there.  More than anything, he enjoys the great taste of a fresh beer. 

That's a quality you can't fake with more hops or a different glass. Knowing that brewers have little control over what happens to their creations after the beer leaves their hands, Phil sought ways to help himself and his friends ensure customers are experiencing their beverage as it was meant to be.  But how?  The solution is in cans!

To help brewers in Chicago and the neighboring states preserve a taproom-fresh taste, Phil dedicated himself to developing the most reliable, efficient, and precise canning company... service as scheduled at your door, with next generation electronic-control seaming technology, and additional equipment to limit foaming and remove misfills.  Every ounce you brew, tucked securely away in aluminum safety, with nary a drop spilt!

With such attention to detail, such passion, and such care, now I ask you, "Who is Phil?" Aren't we all...


Craft Beverage Makers deserve Craft Packaging Processes


Phil's uses a Craft Process for a Craft Industry


Rather than scale down a high-production model for smaller quantities, Phil's Mobile Canning has built their entire service platform with craft beverage producers in mind.  Our end-to-end control of supply chain provides small-batch makers greater cost-efficiency and timing opportunity, enhanced sterilization and sanitation for contamination control and shelf stability, and stringent quality assurance to let craft brewers enter the market sooner with ultra-professional packaging.  Do we do things differently?  Yes!  Is it better?  You decide...

We suggest you contact us pre-production.  This allows us to work with your schedule and ensure the most cost-effective pricing.  For first-timers, a site survey will be scheduled to ensure accessibilty to electrical, CO2 and water connections, and the physical location.  From there, you will pick a date and submit your label design about 12 business days in advance for first-run or specialty beers.  If you are booking an appointment for a secondary run of a flagship, only a few days notice is required.  We handle the supply chain details and will present a digital label proof to you prior to production.  Your cans are sleeved in house, then sterilized, sanitized, and palletized about 12-24 hours prior to our visit.  This process is more efficient on canning day, reduces our footprint in your brewhouse and provides superior sanitation.  When canning day arrives, our industry professionals arrive with your sleeved and sterile cans, pak-techs (black or white, 4- or 6-pack), cardboard case trays, and filling equipment.  You will provide pack out labor.  We operate at about 35 cans per minute, producing about 10 cases of 16 oz. cans or 14 cases of 12 oz. cans per barrel.  Sweet!