Who is Phil?


Phil is, like many of us, a home brewer that got started in college and lived the dream upon graduation by working a full-time gig in a small brewery overseeing the tap room, giving tours, and packaging and distributing product.  He took sensory training and became a BJCP certified beer judge.  In his encounters, people always asked the same question, "why does the beer taste so much better at the brewery?" Because it's at it freshest!

That's a quality you can't fake with more hops or a different glass. Phil learned that a craft brew is only as good as the one that happens into his customer's hand, even though Phil had little control over the beer outside of his taproom.  So, what's a brewer to do?  The solution is in cans!

To help brewers in Chicago and the neighboring states preserve the taproom-fresh taste, Phil dedicated himself to developing the most reliable, efficient, and precise canning company... service as scheduled at your door, with next generation electronic-control seaming technology, and additional equipment to limit foaming and remove misfills.  Every ounce you brew, tucked securely away in aluminum safety, with nary a drop spilt!

With such attention to detail, such passion, and such care, now I ask you, "Who is Phil?" Aren't we all...